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Artists Statements


                                          TITLE:  “THE CELEBRATION OF AMERICAN WOMEN A-Z"

                                                                       by Yvette Walker Dalton



Media:  Paper Collage on Canvas
Size:  8" x 10" 

Hue:  Color

Copyright 2021
Price: (NFS) copies can be made - $400.00 



Artist Statement:

The year two thousand and twenty can be classified as a year that “All Lives Matter”. Men, women and children in every country had the possibility of dying from Covid-19⎯and, so many did.  Vaccines to counter this disease became available about the end of the summer, but availability was not for everyone. That would not be, scientist said, not until the end of the year.   Therefore, the wearing of masks, washing hands, and staying 6-feet apart from one another was the prescription for living. 

Like years past, 2020 was also a year of police brutality in the wrongful deaths of African Americans which included Marcellis Stinnette, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Thus “Black Lives Matter” was one of the protest themes during the summer and likewise the copy for yard signs during the 2020 Presidential Election.  All Lives Matter.  Black Lives Matter.  And even if you did not see the sign, All Women Matter, because 2020 was the year women celebrated 100 years of women’s right to vote. Joyfully, that celebration ended in America electing Kamala Harris, the first African American, and first Asian American as the Vice President of the United States. Hallelujah!

There are 26 American women collages in this collection, alphabetically named from A to Z.  Each are in an 8” x 10” frame. Some are dressed in ancestral attire and all are masked as President Biden dictates for Americans to guard against giving or getting Covid-19.

Many of these ladies remind me of a relative, friend or famous person. All remind me of days gone by when as a child I had imaginary friends, maybe not 26, but a few to keep me company.  Likewise, creating these women during the pandemic kept me company and joyfully creative during this stressful time. 



                                                                                                 YVETTE WALKER-DALTON

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