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Artists Statements

                                                               TITLE:  INSTALLATION: Portable Lab

                                                  “National Police Ricochet Boomerang Bullet Project”

                                                                            by Willis ‘Bing’ Davis




Media:  Portable Lab and Found Objects

Size:  54" x 23" x 13"

Copyright 2021

Prize:  $1,500.00


Artist Statement:


This project will design police bullets to perform various tasks in flight, including, 1.) Speed variation, i.e., half speed, quarter speed, and slow-motion; 2.) Make two U-turns during flight, and 3.) Compress frontal-air into a 2” x 4” x 6” form and make short backward and forward motions within a 6” space, plus produce holograms in the form of a boot.  All of this action would be activated by a police officer with malice in his/her heart and racism in his/her mind when shooting at a black person or person of color.

This project is being developed from the theory that racism in a person is detectable and measurable from a chemical imbalance in the brain that leads to a racist attitude, actions and behavior.  This destructive condition will be detected via the sweat glands in the hand as the gun is gripped to shoot.  This condition will cause the gun to jerk to the left or right and cause the bullet to travel off-the-mark and reduce its speed in search of an inanimate object.  Upon hitting the object, it will ricochet and activate the boomerang component of the redesigned bullet as it searches for the “bad apple” racist shooter.  Quarter to slow motion speed will be used in the search for the “bad apple” shooter so as to avoid hitting any innocent bystander or the good cops that are nearby.

When the boomerang bullet reaches the “bad apple” cop, it will pass the shooter waist high for about 3 to 5 feet, then make the second U-turn and then move toward the racist shooter from the rear.  When the boomerang gets about a foot from the “bad apple” shooter, it will compress the frontal air into a solid 2” x 4” x 6” shape.  When this form gets an inch to the rear-end of the “bad apple” shooter, it goes into the quick backward-forward, backward-forward, backward-forward motion as it whips the a-- of the shooter for shooting a black person with malice in his heart and racism in his mind.

P.S Provisions are made for 2nd and 3rd offenders


                                                                                                       WILLIS ‘BING’ DAVIS

                                               “ANTI-POLICE BRUTALITY DANCE MASK #22”

                                (From the “Save the Children by Any Means Necessary Series”)

                                                                       by Willis 'Bing' Davis


Media:  Clay and Found Objects

Size:  64" x 18" x 4"

Copyright 2021

Price:  $2,100.00

Artist Statement:

This series began in 1999 and was conceived using the tradition of African mask making to draw attention to the age old problem of police brutality toward African Americans and other people of color in America.

I propose that these contemporary mask images be displayed in buildings and rooms where people gather to discuss actions and solutions to police brutality and related issues.

The African-like appearance of the artwork is the first step toward helping the viewer to know who he or she is.  Knowingly, this will help clarify what the actions and solutions to the problem should be.


                                                                                                     WILLIS ‘BING’ DAVIS

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