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Artists Statements

                                                               TITLE: “LOVE OUR WOMEN 1” 
                                                               TITLE: “LOVE OUR WOMEN 2”

                                                                        by Morris Howard

Media: Oil On Canvas 

Size: 18″ x 24″  Framed   

Hue: Color   

Copyright 2021

Price: $2,000.00 ea.



Artist Statement:

I’ve noticed over the past few years an increase in violence against black women here in the Dayton area. I ran across a Dayton Daily News opinion column from October 4, 2020, written by Shannon Isom, President and CEO of YWCA of Dayton. In the article, Miss Isom points out that domestic violence is the number one health issue for Black women, and Black women are 2.7 times more likely to die due to domestic violence than our white counterparts.  More disturbing statistics from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research appeared below: 


  • More than four in ten Black women experience physical violence from an intimate partner during their lifetimes. White women, Latinas, and Asian/Pacific Islander women report lower rates. 

  • Black women also experience significantly higher rates of psychological abuse—including humiliation, insults, name-calling, and coercive control—than do women overall. 

  • Sexual violence affects Black women at high rates. More than 20 percent of Black women are raped during their lifetimes—a higher share than among women overall. 

  • Black women face a particularly high risk of being killed at the hands of a man. A 2015 Violence Policy Center study found that Black women were two and a half times more likely to be murdered by men than their White counterparts. More than nine in ten Black female victims knew their killers. 

It is our responsibility as a community to protect and nurture our women. I’m trying to voice my concern the best way I know how, through my art.  I have a personal relationship with the two women depicted here (one romantically) and have listened to some of their experiences relating to this awful subject.  Black Women's' Lives have to Matter to All of Us. 



                                                                                                       MORRIS HOWARD

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