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Artists Statements


                                                                    TITLE: “PEACE BE STILL"

                                                               (“Do You See Me” Series, #101J)

                                                                        by Horace Dozier, Sr.

Media: Digital Photographic Painting on Watercolor Paper

Size: 20” x 24” x 4” Framed

Hue: Color

Copyright: 12/9/2020

Price:  $1,200.00


Artist Statement:

This portrait is a part of my “Do You See Me” Series, where an image is used to convey a certain hidden emotion that lives in all of us as the spirit of hope, love, and faith.  I used earth tones and textures on watercolor paper to enhance the overall majestic feelings that emanate from the portrait. We are all in this together and whatever happens will affect us all in many ways but through our art we can tell a story of truth.


A storm has come, a storm like none other.  These have been very turbulent and difficult times for many of us while having to navigate through quickly changing events. The COVID-19 Pandemic has killed over two million people worldwide with over 400,000 being in the United States.  The Black Lives Matter protest and the result of the Trump Rally at our nation’s Capital have added more stress, uncertainty, and fear to our lives than any other period over our lifetime.  If we would just take a moment to be still through the raging tempest, we would all hear that voice in Mark 4:39 whispering . . . .

                                                                               “Peace Be Still”


                                                                      TITLE: “INSURGENCE”

                                                                        by Horace Dozier, Sr.

Media:  Digital Photographic Painting

Size:  32”x 42”x 4” Framed

Hue: Mixed Color

Copyright: 12/20/2020

Price:   $850.00

Artist Statement:

My piece is entitled “INSURGENCE” which means, open fighting against authority.  Problem: How to show this without becoming too graphic in a photograph.  I decided to use softer hues in the colors while making visible only a hint of what has passed while allowing the messages to provide the understanding of the event. This will allow the viewer to interpret the overall messages in the photograph.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic was the catalyst for worldwide protest over police brutality and government corruption due mainly to the COVID-19 lockdowns.  While millions of students were unable to attend schools and thriving businesses were closed, cabin fever was everywhere and all we needed was a spark. That spark came in the form of frustration and anger in the lawless murders committed at the hands of police officers and government corruption.  For the first time in history, people of all ages joined together from all over the world and marched in protest to demand change, equality, and justice for all victims of government abuse. The protestors were mostly peaceful but to every movement you will also have violence from the authorities or the protestors. The backdrop was set, even while thousands lie dying in hospitals from the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic the protestors marched, occupied, and destroyed places of businesses.  Like a virus the protest had mutated into riots of burning, destruction, and death. This “INSURGENCE” was not the first nor will it be the last but even through all of this, "we still have hope and faith”.

                                                                                                             HORACE DOZIER, SR.

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