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Artists Statements

                                                     TITLE: “KENTE SPIRIT #136”

                                                               by Derick Davis


Media:  Prismacolor Pencil
Size: 20” x   45” 
Hue: Black & White

Copyright 2021
Price: $2,000.00



Artist Statement:

The inspiration for my art comes from Kente cloth patterns associated with the Ewe and Asante people of Ghana. I use these patterns in a variety of ways, combined with geometric shapes and an array of colors.


The art is abstract in nature, however, there is a strong architectural influence in every piece I do.  If you combine abstract and architecture, you come up with “abstructure.” “Abstructure art”, I feel, is the best way to describe my work.

If you look closely, you will find an Adinkra symbol which reflects the deep religious background of the people of Ghana. These symbols provide a personal affect to go along with the aesthetic feel of each piece of work.

                                                                                            DERRICK DAVIS

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