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Artists Statements

                                   TITLE: “MY PEOPLE CHALLENGE 13: LOVE OR HATE”

                                                                 by Craig Screven


Media:  Digital 
Size: 16″ x 24″ 
Hue: Color

Copyright 2021
Price: $500.00



Artist Statement:

My People Challenge 13: Love or Hate shows the love and hate relationship between the African Americans and the European Americans.   It shows the suffering of the African Americans and  the people protesting the bad treatment of the colored people. 

It has three main images stretching the bodies in a victory stance or the hanging of people.  The main figures are three females against three males. 

The people are repeated over and over again so that they blend into a texture.  The texture is somewhat like a bark of the tree, relating to the skin of the African Americans that have become as strong and rough as the bark of the tree. 


The challenge is to promote love, equality, and peace and to end racism, hate and hostility.


                                                                                     CRAIG SCREVEN

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