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Artists Statements

                                            TITLE: “A DREAM, A CHANGE, BLACK LIVES”

                                                                 by Clifford Darrett


Media: Oil Paint
Size:  28" x  28" x 2"
Hue: Color

Copyright 2021
Price: $450.00



Artist Statement:


This painting describes two memorial events that have happened in Washington D. C. by the people painted in this art medium.  The picture of Martin Luther king, Jr. is the top part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington D. C.  Martin Luther King, Jr. led and participated in many protests and sit-ins to improve the lives of African Americans in the United States.  His marches and protests made life better for many blacks in America. 

The images of former President Barack Hussein Obama and the late John Lewis, represents John Lewis being awarded the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” for his contributions to Black Lives and for his dedication to making lives better for many years for African Americans in the United States. 

In his younger years, John Lewis marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. to protest Jim Crow laws in the North and South of the United States.  He was a resounding voice that made it clear that “Black Lives Matter”.  Barack Hussein Obama was the 44th and first black president of the United States.  He served the United States for two consecutive terms and in spite of inheriting a faltering economy in his first term and an attempt to make him a “one term” President, he and his family proved to be a blessing and role models for Americans, people of color, and the United States of America. 

We can look forward to more Black youth with positive ambitions to follow in their steps, that is one reason why “Black Lives Matter”.


                                                                                                  CLIFFORD DARRETT

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